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Limited Title Surveys, Re-establishment, Cadastral, Identification Survey Services | At SCS Engineering Surveyors we perform title surveys, so you could: Know where the boundaries of your property are; Build on or near your boundaries; Claim title to land under adverse possession; Subdivide your property; Consolidate multiple titles; Create or remove an easement over your property; Establish a building strata development.


What is limited Torrens title?

Prior to the introduction of Torrens title in 1862, there was no formal system to register land title in Australia. These early parcels of land were transferred to owners under what is referred to as Old System title.

Properties that later switched from Old System title to Torrens title would have a note or limitation placed on the property title explaining the boundaries of the property have not been clearly defined. A limitation can be subsequently removed by the lodgement of a plan of survey which satisfactorily defines the boundaries of the parcel.

Why don’t all lenders accept limited Torrens title properties?

If the boundaries or the location of the property aren’t clearly defined by a surveyor, various third parties may make an interest claim to all or part of the land parcel.

This can potentially make it difficult for lenders in the event that you default on your mortgage and they’re required to sell your home. On an inspection of a Certificate of Title you may come across a notation under the second schedule, referring to qualified or limited title. These notations are placed upon titles that have been converted from Old System Title, to Torrens Title. Torrens Title is the system used for recording ownership of property in New South Wales.

Do I need to order a limited title surveys report?

In many cases, the bank may require you to lodge a plan of survey, also known as a plan of delimitation or plan of redefinition, with your state’s land and title registry office.

If a certificate of title has the words “Limited as to Parcels” near the top it means the location of some or all of the boundaries is uncertain, because an acceptable survey of the property has never been undertaken. The original survey of the property will have been long ago under the old Deeds system of ownership.

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If you’ve come across a property which is on limited title please call us, we’ve helped many people in the past navigate this area of concern.

If you think your property has a Limited Title, we can perform a Title Search ( limited title surveys ) and let you know within the hour. If you already have a copy of your Title and are wondering how to tell then you will see the following text – “LIMITED TITLE. LIMITATION PURSUANT TO SECTION 28T(4) OF THE REAL PROPERTY ACT, 1900. THE BOUNDARIES OF THE LAND COMPRISED HEREIN HAVE NOT BEEN INVESTIGATED BY THE REGISTRAR GENERAL.”

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    How long will it take to survey the land?

    You generally need to allow about 4-6 weeks for registration so you should factor this in when negotiating the settlement date with the vendor and your moving schedule.

    The main message with limited title surveys properties is to keep in mind that extra expenses and additional work is likely to be involved to satisfy your lender. So when you fall in love with that gorgeous inner-city pad, it might take you a few extra hurdles to secure it. Also, if you want the limitation removed at some time in the future, the only means of doing so is by lodging at LPI a plan of survey which defines the properties boundaries.

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